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ITCHY CO is a brand of children's clothing line which is inspired by stories of my daily conversations with my daughter Cecilia.

Each piece is created to remind her how I treasured these moments with her growing up, learning about her stories as a little girl, as she shares it with me.

The line also speaks about my journey as a mom, and how my daughter inspired me to create beautiful remembrances of our life together, that she will cherish as she grows up. ITCHY CO brand is my gift to my dear Cecilia.

Our line is for girls 18 months to 6 years old. I chose those ages because as much as I want to dress up my daughter beyond 6 years old, she will someday have her own decisions when it comes to choosing her clothes.

The collection is 5 pieces per design, 1 piece per size, handmade with care and prewashed.

We look forward to exciting moments that will be shared to us by moms, aunts, grandmothers & godmothers.

- Itchy Co -